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My goal in all I do is to do it, whatever it is, to the fullest and best of my ability.  Shorty bulls are no exception.  I have spent many years developing and honing my skills in this breed, 12 to be exact.  The first moment I saw a Shorty Bull I knew that it was the breed for me.  What I didn’t know at that moment was how consumed and passionate I would become about this amazing breed of dog.  

Blue River's Battle Born 

The years that followed my first endeavors in breeding were some of the most fun I have literally ever had at any kind of craft.  I spent most of my time researching animal care specific to raising and breedings dogs.  I read books, became familiar with websites that offered any tidbit of knowledge on raising litters and practically lived at my veterinarian and good friend’s office, I even bugged her at home in search of answers to my million and one questions.  I was blessed to have the guidance of a good vet that supported me as a breeder and was eager to see me do well.  I can’t begin to thank her enough.  Also, along the way I have had some invaluable mentors.  The most trusted of these being, breed creator Jamie Sweet, her invaluable insight has kept me on my toes and moving forward always!

(Blue River's Risky Business son of Blue River's Sea of Flames)

I have spent the last 12 years building my program, testing myself and my theories about breeding, and building better dogs.  To build better dogs a consistent effort to improve is a must. I started with a unique group of dogs with very specific goals.  One of them being to create conformationally correct dogs to the Bull Breed Coalition standard.  But I wanted to take that a step further and add chocolate color to my dogs.  I started with and have been perfecting the look of my chocolate Shorty Bulls from day one.  I take pride in my dogs and what they have accomplished in the years past.

(GrCh Supergirl is one of my favorite dogs, a daughter of Evolines Sabotage. She is athletic, thick, and a sound conformation dog.)

I’m always eager to answer questions and help anyone that would like to add the coolest breed of dog on the planet, the Shorty Bull to their life!

**Check out the Male and Female profiles** 

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