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Our first American Bulldog was purchased from the Dayton Daily News in Farmersville, Ohio in 2008.  Zor, our amazing work horse, champion weight puller, and bite work lover is still with us today at the old age of 12.  He is the reason we just had to have more.  I absolutely fell in love with this dog that could go bite in protection mode, then come back and chill with the kids.  He pulled just under 11,000 lbs at Irondog Nationals, then went out and won the Hardest Hitting at Nationals open.  Zor was just a natural!

Anyway, about us....We love Bulldogs!  Shorty Bulls, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, I've been eye balling some American Bullies.  I love to show dogs, train dogs, work dogs.  I love a stable head, a beautifully structured, and strong dog!  We have a 5 acre mini farm in Webster, Florida out in the country.  Moved to Florida in 2019 from Ohio.  Darrel and Julie Bingham are the founders (me....I'm Julie..Darrel doesn' t do computers) and we are one heck of a team.  I transport alot of dogs, he holds down the fort.  When it is time for a show, he is helping bathe and hold for nail trims.  We really are a true partnership when it comes to the dogs.  We raise all of our puppies inside of our home and give them hands on attention from day one.  Our dog's care is our priority.

My goal is the perfect dog.  I want a dog that meets the standard for the breed.  Big things for me are shoulder set, front end assembly, turn at the stifle, tight feet, and type, type , type.  In my quest to breed the perfect specimen we have attended alot of shows.  I have put my hands on and seen alot of dogs.  I suggest you do the same if you are serious about showcasing or breeding animals.  Go see what is out there.  We earned Kennel and Breeder of the Year in 2016 with ABRA , Dog of the Year and Puppy of the Year with our american bulldogs as well in 2016.  In 2018 we won the AMA Shorty Bull of the Year and won the Kennel and Breeder of the Year with Guido!  He is from our very first litter of shorty bulls.

My best advice to anyone is to find a mentor that loves the breed you love and has the same goals.  Find someone who is honest and has integrity in their program through health testing, education, and is a pillar of their breed's community. I am  the Treasurer for The United States Bulldog Club of America Inc. and have chaired several dog show clubs over the years.  Bingham's Bulldogs had their first litter in 2010 and we still are active in the confirmation show arena today.  Stop in at any ABRA, NKC, or ABA american bulldog specialty show and chances are we are there.  We have also ventured into BRC and ABKC with our shorty bulls and french bulldogs.  We just love to show dogs!  I am starting back at IGP Club soon as well for more advanced training and looking forward to it.


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